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Here you can zoom in on the different subjects related to sustainable packaging. You can either use the search engine to find the information you are looking for or browse through the five perspectives on sustainable packaging. All subjects are clustered in five different perspectives. Per subject you will find the necessary background information, an international overview of publications, tips, guidelines, and practical examples that should help you.

Five perspectives on sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is more than simply using less or a different material. The development of a successful sustainable packaging also requires you to consider the packaging process and the logistics, your customers’ purchasing and disposal behaviour, and your organisation’s packaging and sustainability strategies.

To take these different perspectives into account PackForward uses a model called the Five perspectives on sustainable packaging (source: KIDV). The model provides a clear overview of the key areas of attention that you must consider when developing sustainable packaging. It also gives you the opportunity to zoom in on issues that are relevant to your specific situation from any angle.

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