About PackForward

The aim of PackForward is to create intrisically sustainable packaging, packaging without harming people or the environment. PackForward is the European movement working on sustainable packaging. This website aims to help different stakeholders in the packaging chain move forward with sustainable packaging. For this the packaging industry needs dynamic services and knowledge at an European level. PackForward therefore gives an overview of important themes which effect the sustainability of packaging: from the production process and use of product-packaging combinations up to the waste stage.

"Together we can use recycling and circularity to ultimately achieve intrinsic sustainability."

To help make the move forward with sustainable packaging PackForward aims to provide an overview of European knowledge institutes and other stakeholders in the packaging chain, which are working on making packaging more sustainable. Their knowledge is made accessible here as is their area of expertise. Besides that network partners can add relevant sustainable packaging projects and project results. PackForward also gathers and shares dilemmas that many organisations have to deal with.

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging together with partners Fost Plus, Gront punkt Norway and Valipac have taken the initiative to start PackForward and will continue to strengthen it with other organizations.


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