Development of product-packaging combinations

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The University of Twente targets to support the development of product-packaging combinations which are easier to recycle and reuse, reducing (plastic) waste.

The University of Twente targets the development process of product-packaging combinations. The key focus in this research project is the inclusion of sustainability-related considerations in development processes, bridging the gap between strategic goals and aims, and operational efforts. This is executed by combining industry cases with academic research and the development of novel tools, tailored for this purpose.

By integrating design thinking, consumer behavior research, and circularity into the product-packaging development process University of Twente aims to create a framework that addresses the existing recycling and separation processes, supporting the application of existing and emerging materials and technologies into the packaging design process, mainly, but not exclusively, in e-commerce. This extends the impact of this research beyond academia into practice-based and consumer-relevant insights which are critical for commercial and social impact. The consortium integrates academic and industry partners with complementary interest and capabilities. For this project, UTwente cooperates with RUGroningen, KIDV, and industry partners.

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