Design for source separation.

Design for source separation. In the Norwegian system, the collection of packaging is mainly based on the end user source separating the materials correctly. There is great room for improvement in this area, and we are currently working on a project, drawing upon behaviour design expertise, to help packaging designers understand how the design of the packaging may be improved to increase correct source separation.

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The packaging and the product

Sustainable product-packaging combinations are always the result of the right combination of product properties and packaging properties. When making a packaging more sustainable, it is important to first prevent product loss, avoid product wastage, and guarantee the safety of the user and the environment. Most of the environmental impact of a product-packaging combination is caused by the product itself; around 10% of the total environmental impact is caused by the packaging. Once all these aspects have been optimally safeguarded, you can explore options to make the packaging more sustainable. Examples include reducing the amount of material used or using sustainable material applications, without compromising the packaging functionality.

Improving the sustainability of packaging is more than simply reducing the amount of material used. The following measures will make packaging more sustainable as well:

  • preventing the wastage of raw materials during its production;
  • tailoring the packaging to fit the product that will be transported in it;
  • using as many renewable or recycled materials as possible for its production;
  • using sustainable technologies and energy during its production;
  • setting up the logistical process as efficiently as possible and avoiding the transport of empty air.

That is why it is important to take each of the following aspects into consideration when developing a sustainable packaging solution: product protection, food safety, effective product usage en measuring sustainability.

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