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This project aims to develop a tool for companies to better support their choice in food packaging design.

The project CIRCOPACK aims to develop a tool for companies to make scientifically based decisions about the sustainability of a (renewed) packaging concept and its impact on the quality of the food as well as on different recycling strategies, in order to better support their choice in food packaging design. This project was initiated by Pack4Food in cooperation with Flanders’ Food, SensNet and different research institutions. The project is funded by VLAIO.

The tool should also make it possible for companies to deliver scientific argumentation to their customers about the packaging choices. And will lead to a closer collaboration between packaging producers, consumers (food producers) and processors of the packaging waste. This will result in more efficient packaging innovations striving towards maximum sustainability of the product-packaging combination.

This project is interesting for a company, because:

- The company will be part of a network of companies across different chains, including recycling companies;

- The company will receive tips and tricks about packing food in a sustainable way

- The company can help interpret the data for the development of the tool. These data are important for the future packaging specifications.

- The company tests and helps refining the online tool and gets an insight in the results of the company’s current and simulated packaging materials/ processes aiming to define the future marketing, product and packaging developments and strategic processes or to redirect them and as such strengthen the competitive position.

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