Valipac is a non-profit organisation established to fulfill the obligations defined in the law and to stimulate the recycling of industrial packaging waste.

Our organisation

During the past 20 years we have helped raise the recycling rate of industrial packaging from 74% to 89.7%.

Our model is based on dialogue between the different stakeholders: our decision-making bodies include professional federations, government authorities and employer organisations.

We aim to stimulate the selective collection of industrial packaging waste and to stimulate the transition towards the circular economy for industrial packaging.


Thanks our global vision of the industrial waste, we supply relevant market analyses aiming to improve selective collection and recycling.

Our central position within the industrial packaging value chain allows us to share our respective experiences with different partners. Together we have already carried out several innovative projects relating to the circularity of packaging, such as eco-design, traceability of packaging waste and recycled content.

Areas of expertise

Contact information

Location: Belgium
Website: valipac
Phonenumber: +32 2 456 83 10
Network category: d EPR organisations

Contact Persons

Filip Vangeel
Circular Economy

Ingrid Bouchez