Materials and Packaging Research & Services (MPR&S)

Our organisation

The "Materials and Packaging Research & Services" (MPR&S) research group with extensive expertise in packaging technology is part of the "Institute for Materials Research" at UHasselt. The labs are up-to-date equipped with test equipment for the physical/mechanical characterization of (packaging) materials and concepts. The more fundamental research guided by Prof. Buntinx and Prof. Peeters is structured in 2 lines of research: "smart, safe and sustainable materials", and "optimization of (bio) material properties by nanotechnology. Under the coordination of Prof. Peeters, MPR&S annually provides ± 300 assignments as scientific services for > 100 companies.

Our expertise

Collaboration within projects such as APPAEL, Circular stretch, CIRCOPACK, Packaging diagnostics i.c.w. Fost Plus & VAL-I-PAC, Mooimakers projects, ect. contribute to building up knowledge / expertise about a sustainable, circular packaging industry.

Areas of expertise

Contact information

Location: Belgium
Website: uhasselt
Phonenumber: +32 11 29 21 61
Network category: e Knowledge institutes

Contact Persons

Bram Bamps
Project engineer

Dimitri Adons
Project engineer

Roos Peeters