Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University

Our organisation

The Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development of Utrecht University develops and deploys integrated interdisciplinary approaches to address complex questions in the field of energy and resources. In over 25 years, it has built up strong international recognition, in e.g. waste management, recycling, circular economy, and material efficiency. Its publications shape the scientific and public debate. It actively works with many stakeholders through an extensive network of partners.

Our expertise

The Institute has a long track record of assessing and evaluating opportunities for sustainable packaging, focusing on technologies, impact assessment, and policy evaluation. It develops and uses a variety of tools for life cycle assessment, technology assessment, material flow analysis, and policy evaluation. It has worked on packaging waste management, recycling, reusable packaging, and material efficient packaging. The Institute participates in the Dutch research consortium CRiSP (Center for Research in Sustainable Packaging), a collaboration of universities and the Knowledge Institute on Sustainable Packaging (KIDV).

Areas of expertise

Contact information

Location: The Netherlands
Website: uu
Phonenumber: +31-30-253 6550
Network category: e Knowledge institutes

Contact Persons

Patricia Megale Coelho
Researcher Reusable Packaging

Blanca Corona Bellostas
Assistant professor social and environmental LCA

Ernst Worrel
Professor Energy, Resources & Technological Change