Workshop: film packaging in the construction industry

PackForward-members KIDV and Valipac offer a workshop series in cooperation with CIRCO and NRK. The workshop is intended for construction companies, suppliers and recycling companies who want to explore and work out together the concept of circular packaging.

lastic packaging is used in large quantities in the construction industry, for example in the form of shrink sleeves and stretch wrapping films. This packaging offers great advantages for the protection of building materials and provides ease of use at low cost. It is discarded after one use and ends up in the residual waste or is exported outside Europe for recycling. A lot of value is lost in the chain. This calls for new designs and new business models!

Valipac has set up a system in Belgium for separating shrink-wrap and stretch-wrap films on the building site, including their collection and recycling and applying the recyclate back into shrink-wrap. We will be inspired by this and look for joint solutions for the Dutch market.

More information (only available in Dutch) can be found on the CIRCO-website, click here