Update Recycle Check for Rigid plastic packaging

Today, the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) publishes an update of their Recycle Check for rigid plastic packaging. This update is made annually on the basis of developments in the packaging value chain and questions from users. A number of issues have been clarified and refined.

Producers and importers who put packaged products and packaging on the market can use the Recyclecheck to get a relatively simple and quick answer to the question of whether their rigid plastic packaging is easily recyclable. The KIDV bases its approach on the current system of collecting, sorting and recycling packaging in the Netherlands. The Recyclecheck consists of a decision tree with questions and background information. In addition to the Recycle Check for rigid plastic packaging, the KIDV has also developed a Recycle Check for flexible plastic packaging and paper and cardboard. In the course of 2021, recycle checks for glass and metal will also appear. More information about the KIDV Recycle Checks can be found here: https://kidv.nl/recycle-checks-en.  

"Packaging that came out as good recyclable in the previous version of the Recycle Check for rigid plastic packaging, will also be so in this updated 2021 version," explains packaging expert Nynke Arntzen. "However, the conditions for the recyclability of PET packaging have been changed. As a result, a mayonnaise jar, for example, can be classified as 'good recyclable', whereas this was not the case in the previous version. Furthermore, the Recyclecheck now elaborates on discard units, label materials and dimensions of packaging and provides additional explanation on elastomers and silicones. Finally, it refers to additional information on ongoing research in the field of sorting and recycling, such as the washability of adhesives."

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