Unplastic, the evolution of packaging - Outlander Materials is looking for a production partner

Outlander Materials is looking for partners to help them produce their UnPlastic material on a larger scale. UnPlastic is Outlander Materials' answer to single-use plastics: a functional, compostable and non-plastic alternative that releases no toxins. It is circular, made from sources of the food industry, by-products and beer waste, and will never break down into micro- or nanoplastics.

As UnPlastic is not a plastic but also not a bioplastic, it is hard for Outlander Materials to find a suitable partner. The way they currently make samples is similar to paper production in that the formulation is mixed, water must be extracted, and there is a drying process. 

If you are a manufacturing company (plastic, paper or other) and see opportunities for Outlander Materials, please feel free to contact us. Who can help Outlander Materials move forward? 

More information: www.outlandermaterials.com