Launch of PackForward, the European movement for sustainable packaging

Today, PackForward is launched, the European movement for sustainable packaging. This new platform brings international parties in the field of sustainable packaging together in order to help various stakeholders in the European packaging chain make their packaging materials more sustainable.

PackForward was announced during a major online event organised by the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV), which was attended by more than five hundred packaging professionals from more than forty countries all over the world.

“In recent years, the KIDV has built a solid knowledge base to support initiatives from businesses and governments centred around making the packaging chain more sustainable. Knowledge organisations in various countries are working on this issue, mostly at national level. Achieving our goals with regard to sustainable packaging will require international knowledge sharing and collaboration. All that comes together in PackForward,” says KIDV director Chris Bruijnes. In addition to the KIDV itself, Grønt Punkt Norge from Norway and Valipac and Fost Plus from Belgium also form part of this network.

PackForward's website contains an overview of important themes that affect the sustainability of packaging materials: from the design and production of product-packaging combinations to the disposal of packaging materials and the processing of packaging waste into new resources. The network page also contains a growing overview of European research institutions and other important network organisations, their areas of expertise, publications and ongoing projects. PackForward's partners can share their projects here to give parties all over the world insight into the ongoing activities with regard to sustainable packaging. Other partners can join PackForward. The platform explicitly encourages new partnerships to help resolve packaging dilemmas together.