KIDV publishes Recycle Check for Paper and Cardboard Packaging

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) publishes a new Recycle Check today, namely that for Paper and Cardboard Packaging.

The Recycle Check is intended as an aid to one of the many choices that packaging designers - but also marketers and buyers, for example - have to make when they bring a new product or new packaging onto the market.

The Recycle Check Paper and Cardboard Packaging consists of a decision tree and a list of considerations. The decision tree is used to check whether a packaging is collected after use and offered for recycling. The user is asked a brief number of questions about the material and about packaging components that influence recycling. The questions can always be answered with a yes or no answer. The KIDV provides background information for each question and specific focus points. On the basis of this, you can improve the recyclability of the packaging.

The KIDV has also developed recycling checks for rigid plastic packaging and flexible plastic packaging. Furthermore, the KIDV is currently working on recycling checks for glass and metal. Please check out our website.

You can download the Recycle Check for Paper and Cardboard Packaging here.