KIDV innovation platform expands

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) chooses to expand its Platform of Sustainable Packaging Innovators on an international scale. Since 2019, the KIDV platform has supported more than thirty start-ups and scale-ups. As of today, established ones - both small and large companies - can also join the platform for the (further) development of their innovative packaging and recycling ideas.

"With this Community we offer innovative ideas a stage. In this manner, parties can help each other to recycle better and achieve more circularity in the packaging chain," says General Manager of KIDV Chris Bruijnes. "Working with start-ups and scale-ups, we saw how valuable it can be when participants share experiences, opportunities and bottlenecks. As facilitator, we have organised numerous meetings, both physical and online, to share current knowledge about packaging and the packaging chain and to learn from it. Now we also want to further scale up the sustainability of packaging with new participants, established companies that are actually working on innovations, through knowledge sharing and cooperation." 

The Platform of Sustainable Packaging Innovators offers participants substantive support and exposure. For example, each innovation receives attention via its own page on the digital platform, and the KIDV's packaging experts assist with substantive and technical questions. Project leader Charissa Koolen: "This is how we give all sustainable packaging and recycling innovations a platform. We make connections in the market and provide support with up-to-date and substantive knowledge of the packaging and recycling chain."

If your company has a specific innovation in the field of sustainable packaging and/or recycling and would like to make use of the benefits of the platform, please contact Charissa Koolen (06-28771301,