In search of an international market for 'Belgian' shrink films made from 50 percent recycled plastic

Valipac in Belgium, together with among others chemical group Total, Wienerberger (ceramic building materials, such as bricks), Oerlemans Plastics and plastic recycler Morssinkhof/Rymoplast, executed a demonstration project to develop circular shrink sleeves.

These shrink sleeves are half made of recycled plastic, which is selectively collected from companies. Technically speaking, it was not rocket science, according to Valipac's project leaders Karel Gemmeke and Filip Vangeel. But it took a lot of time to get parties from the chain to work together on the same idea. In the meantime, proof has been provided: the circular shrink sleeve is as clear and strong as the classic film and meets all the standards for load security. Tertiary packaging such as this requires scale; only the Belgian market is too small. That is why Valipac now focuses on Europe. "We need a bigger market.”

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