Five introductory videos on sustainable packaging

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) published five videos to make knowledge on sustainable packaging widely accessible. The video series offers an introduction to various aspects of sustainable packaging, from calculating environmental impact to consumer behaviour and the recovery of raw materials.

In the videos, various scientists talk about how sustainable packaging works in practice. Their research was part of the scientific research programme Sustainable Packaging, which the KIDV carried out in the period 2015-2019 in collaboration with the Top Institute Food & Nutrition and the University of Twente, Groningen University, Wageningen University & Research and TNO. The programme focused on urgent and relevant questions that contribute to a structural reduction of the environmental pressure in the product packaging chain in the Netherlands.

In order to share the knowledge from this research programme as widely as possible, the introductory videos are used within the educational module of various universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands with which the KIDV collaborates.

The topics per video are:

  1. The Sustainability Guardian
  2. Environmental impact (LCA tools)
  3. Sustainable choices
  4. Disposal behaviour
  5. Recovering raw materials

You can view the videos below. All are Dutch spoken, but they have English subtitles. 

Episode 1: The Sustainability Guardian

Episode 2: Environmental impact

Episode 3: Sustainable choices

Episode 4: Disposal behaviour

Episode 5: Recovering raw materials