Circopack researches the right packaging for food products

In the Circopack research project of the Belgian consortium Pack4Food and Flanders' FOOD (platform of the agri-food industry in Flanders), a scan is being developed that enables companies to make targeted and well-considered choices in food packaging.

This will allow companies to make science-based decisions about different types of packaging in order to best fit the circular economy, while maintaining the required functionality and safety of their packaging. In Circopack there is close cooperation between producers and buyers of packaging, research institutes and processors of packaging waste. "Over time, this will result in more efficient packaging innovations," says Pack4Food director Peter Ragaert. "We strive for maximum sustainability of product-packaging combinations, taking into account the potential of recycling as well when developing the packaging concept."

Participation in Circopack is also open to Dutch producers and importers. They will have access to a range of data from the entire food packaging chain, which are important for future packaging specifications and the impact on the process of packaging, sorting and recycling. They can also contribute to the further development and refinement of the scan. Participation also provides an extensive knowledge network, plus handles and tips for sustainable food packaging.

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