Calculation tool for CO2 impact and costs of reusable packaging

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) launched a tool to calculate the environmental impact and economic profitability of reusable packaging.

The calculation tool gives an overview of all the chain steps of reusable packaging and provides an indication of CO2 emissions and integral costs, compared to a one-way packaging. The tool was developed by Utrecht University and Partners for Innovations as part of the Community of Practice for Reusable Packaging from the KIDV.

With help of the calculation tool it can be made clear where the tipping point for multiple use of a packaging lies compared to packaging for single use. By using various options, such as the number of rotations, the transport distance and the means of transport, it is possible to optimise the CO2 impact and integral costs.

You can download the Reusable Packaging Calculation Tool here.

More information about reusable packaging can be found here.